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Solving issues at work sounds more difficult than it truly is.We can tell you this because we’re familiar with the challenges you face.

It really does come down to knowing – and using – the right tools. And that’s where the courses of The Productivity Company come in. Compact online courses, with a strong focus on the tools that have been proven to work. No need to wait you can start today.

All we ask for is that you stop seeing waste and workplace frustration as a normal part of your job. Because complacency is the nemesis of continuous improvement, and that’s what we’re all about.

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Methods to solidify Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement within your team

From € 39 ,-
Yellow Belt training
Stand’up meeting
Lean 5S Management
Kaizen Training
Healthcare Yellow Belt


The more specific the tool, the more effective it’s application. Learn how to apply continuous improvement tools yourself.

From € 39 ,-
A3 Project Structure
DMAIC project structure
Value Stream Mapping
Poka Yoke
Decision-making tools
Basic Statics for Six Sigma

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